Why are we called ​

Why are we called “Happy Feets”? What does it actually mean? Regardless of being misspelled ... Is it about feet? About dancing? Or about what this page is?

Those are probably the thoughts running through your head right now. Understandable. Here’s a brief explanation of where the name “Happy Feets” comes from …

Our son is an avid tennis player, but sometimes he forgets that playing tennis involves movement. Eventually, his trainer got so annoyed that he kept asking him to please have happy feet – speak to move.

That, in turn, annoyed Mika so much that at some point, he could no longer contain himself and he told his trainer: “Don’t say ‘happy feets’. Feet is already the plural – you don’t say ‘sheeps’ either …”

The running gag was born, and from that day on, Mika’s trainer was teased again and again with “happy feets.” We even printed a T-shirt for him with this slogan. Back then, nobody knew what would become of Happy Feets.

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