Our first project –
the College of Magic

One cannot simply wave a magic wand and make intolerance, misery, and violence disappear. But one can certainly try some magic. We learned this after attending a remarkable school in Cape Town – the College of Magic.

Though not officially accredited, it’s a bit like our very own Hogwarts, catering to students aged 10 to 18. More importantly, it mirrors the diverse image of South Africa, drawing students from both wealthy families and the depths of poverty. The school’s mission? To instill honesty, humility, and respect in its students.

For many of these kids, attending school is a rare chance to escape the township. However, with tuition costing approximately $350 a year, it’s simply unaffordable for most of the 130 students. Fortunately, the college, being a non-profit organisation, raises funds for scholarships that even cover breakfast and lunch. It became evident to us quite quickly that we wanted to help. And that’s how we became godparents to three kids attending the College of Magic.